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Our Mission

The decision to end a relationship usually means that the structure of your life will substantively change.

Our goal, at the Law Offices of Heather R. Graham, is to defend and protect your legal interests while guiding your through what can be a daunting and overwhelming process. During a period of your life where anxiety and frustration levels run high, we seek to diminish some of this stress, when possible, by identifying and protecting your legal interests and goals and by providing you with a framework to move forward into the next chapter of your life. 


In my twenty years plus experience, I have found that having a comprehensive understanding of a client’s circumstances can prove invaluable in assessing the most effective way for them to move forward. Whether this means litigation, mediation, negotiation or a combination of these options, we will be your reliable, attentive, and available advocate. 


When facing divorce or separation, many families are suddenly faced with a battery of serious changes. Termination of a relationship can mean that everything changes; where you live, how and when you see your children, the structure of your day to day finances, the management and control of your assets and businesses, and of course, your long term financial plans and goals put in place during your marriage or relationship. All of these elements are matters that will need to re-evaluated and adjusted.  


It is our goal to assist you through this period of change by providing both excellent legal counsel and the necessary perspective to enable you to make the best decisions to move your life forward. Obtaining the information necessary to enable you to make informed decisions is the first step in moving ahead. Whatever resources your case requires, we are sensitive to each of our client’s unique circumstances and will always tailor our services accordingly.

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